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Busy as Bees, Hive of Activity... get it?

It's been a quiet morning here ate Ward's. I was out until 10:00am and then tidied my workstation, sold a bottle cooler (Lec BC9007G silver double door undercounter) and sorted out a few problems and mistakes. Now I am sat typing this blog entry and watching as the boss is packing up local deliveries.

Fly Killers, sticky pads (I have no idea what they're for) and the like. Apparently a courier company has lost a pallet of NOVO2 coffee machines which were en route to us. They are going to have to wait until all the trucks come back to the hub tonight and do a night search for it.

This will delay our already delayed deliveries of NOVO2's by another day. We are expecting angry phone calls. We're pretty good and dealing with those though. Mr F is looking through his job sheets, no doubt trying to decide which dishwasher to go and repair next. Mr G is sat talking to a refrigeration engineer (probably about the old days).

Mr S is busy despatching consignments of catering equipment and sundries all over the country. I am going to change some sundries prices. Busy busy busy.