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Hello all. Thanks for coming back for a another dose of Life at Ward's. I am not at work (as previously stated) and should at the time of publication be in our nations fair capital city. I have not been to Old Londontown for many many years (unless you count Mr C's and my fleeting visit to the city's underbelly on a trip from Kings Cross Station to the Gatwick Express which took us, if I remember rightly 13 minutes). I have booked time with the family unit to attend the Natural History Museum and I inted to thoroughly enjoy it (although I am sure that it'll be one of those museums that require the rental and wearing of headphones to appreciate anything properly. I find this a singularly uncivilised and antisocial method of imparting information in museums and can see no problem with the old method of WRITING THE INFORMATION ON SIGNS!) As for catering equipment? Well I shall probably not be using any and I definately won't be selling any, but, as previously mentioned in this publication (is it a publication? It's not published on paper or by a publisher...) I will of course be paying close attention to all the catering equipment that I see around me. What sort of Water Boiler or Coffee Machine will the Natural History Museum's Coffee Shop use? I WON'T FIND OUT BECAUSE THE PRICES WILL BE EXTORTINATE!