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Carry on Catering

Sometimes Life at Ward's can get pretty hectic. Sometimes Life at Ward's can get pretty lively. SOMETIMES LIFE AT WARD'S GET PRETTY RUDDY BLOODY BUSY AND WE ALL GET A BIT RUDDY BLOODY ANNOYED! Define Irony: Everyone (apart from me) sits about whinging that "the phones are quiet today" (my workload is not dependent on the volume of phone calls) and then the phones are busy and we all whinge about it. I was even accused of being on "phone strike" earlier. This despite my filling 3 call sheets with phone calls. I have learnt to let these little injustices go. They wash over me like the cool waters of a crystal clear lake. Then, when I get home, I yell at my girlfriend until she cries. That makes me feel like a man again. Yes Life at Ward's has been eventful and even fruitful today. I have added many many pieces of Foster refrigeration to the website and I think we can all breathe a heavy sigh of relief about that. That means that someone will have to find something else for me to... too late Interlevin next! Mr G has gone off on a little holiday somewhere pretending to lift fridges into a kitchen. A job for which he is almost entierly unsuitable since he can barely walk to the sandwich van without collapsing.