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Carry on Doctor

Morning all. Welcome to another day at Ward's. It's been an uneventful couple of days. No car crashes for example (although it turns out my car needs a new head gasket). I went to hospital yesterday evening to have my rear examined and I shall regail you all with the story now (consider it part of my penance). After checking in at accident and emergency reception, and being given a lecture by the receptionist about the folly of leaving it so long between accident and hospital visit, I sat down on the most uncomfortable chair in history and settled down for my long wait. I was called in to an examination room and asked to remove my trousers, this I duly did and the nurse gave me a blanket to protect my modesty (before leaving the curtain open so all the visitors could see me struggling to remove my trousers). I hopped up onto the bed ("hopped" is the correct vernacular for the NHS system but ill-describes the actual method by which I mounted the bed). The doctor arrived half an hour later and wagged my legs about after asking me about the crash. He then got me to roll onto my side and started prodding my spine, starting at the top and ending at the "bottom". He pronounced that I had probably not fractured anything and that I should continue with the pain killers and wait it out. (This is exactly what I said would be the result of this hospital visit). As I pulled on my trousers my better half informed me that I had a large hole in the back of my pants... Embarrassing. So what has this to do with catering equipment? Very little dear Life at Ward's reader/s. However we here at Ward's Catering DO sell medical and pharmaceutical refrigeration and trolleys and the like... Good enough? No? Ah well.