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Catering Equipment for Industry

Morning all and welcome to Life at Ward's. It's been a busy week (hence few posts). I haven't sold that much this week, however I have done a crazy amount of admin. Robot Coupe Stick Blenders have had a complete overhaul on the website. We like to keep as up-to-date as possible and this usually means increasing prices to meet suppliers bi-annual price hikes.

However, in this case I reorganised the stick blenders giving each one a page to itself rather than lumping them together. I also had to change the product codes because a lot of the units are new models. For example the MP800TURBO and the MINIMP240COMBI.

I have also been researching search engine optimisation in an effort to raise the profile of the Ward's Catering website to ensure that more people see it and are given the opportunity to take advantage of the great service and rock bottom prices that we offer.