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Catering Equipment HO!

Welcome to Life at Ward's. Mr N back in the driver's seat, back at the controls, back in the Fat Controller's chair. We have had a wovley morning here a Wardinghuffleflumps. Allow me to enlighten you as to the staff's locations: Mr G is on holiday and has gone to collect his bro from Newcastle aeroterminus after his jaunt to Australasia. Mr R has just returned from collecting Mr A from Leeds Bradford aeroterminus after his jaunt to Asia. Mr S is on holiday but has been in contact via electronic messaging techniques and is watching films. Mr H is present and he is correct. Mr K has just returned from McDonald's Restaurant and Drive Thru. Mr F is on holiday and probably doing something fishing oriented. Mr S2 is off the radar at the moment. I am here, and I am typing this. So, dudes, what's been occuring? What's been going down? What's been HAP-PEN-ING? Well the phones, bless them, have been quiet this morning. I have sold 3 Blue Seal Tables and some other small bits and pieces. I have also finished altering all Churchill Crockery prices. I have also tidied my desk and sorted out some of the billions of files on my computer. It's been a nice slow end to the week. I am stopping off on the way home to immerse myself in a 25m x 8.5m x 1.5m - 2.5m container of chlorinated water for the purposes of propelling myself from one end to the other and back again repeatedly in order to burn calories. I am sure I will have to dodge the usual suspects on my way from shallow to deep and deep to shallow: The 2 ladies who talk to each other whilst keeping their hair out of the water at all times. (I find it fun to splash these people.) The water buffalo, usually a large balding gentleman with goggles on who never seems to raise his head from the water and ploughs a dead straight line, never deviating, not even for children, up and down the pool. The Old Dear who swims with one hand hovering over the edge of the pool in case a shock under-current should suddenly whip her head under the water. (The Old Dear is prefereable to the Width Swimming Old Dear.) The noisy fat children who continually dive underneath you, only to run out of breath and propel themselves from the floor of the pool directly into your sternum. (I find elbows come in extremely useful here.) And all the others. Joy.