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Catering Supplies... GO!

So we have reached Thursday already. The weeks don't half fly past. It seems only a few days ago that it was Monday! Then Tuesday, then before you know it, it was yesterday and NOW it's today! Crazy. So what's been happening at Ward's? Not a lot.

I completed a quote for a very attractive little kitchen in a staff canteen. Lincat Silverlink equipment coupled with stainless steel fabrication and Gram fridges. It'll look pucker if we get it. However I don't hold out much hope, the client was talking about bulk price reductions of the magnitude that give my boss palpatations. I was unable to comply.

I did my best, but it may not be good enough. Nice electric Boiling Top over a V6/FD Fan Assisted Oven with Glass Door, next to an Electric Griddle atop a proper Lincat Cabinet Base, all set off with a Parry Canopy System. Pretty pretty pretty. Ah well, fingers crossed.