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Chews Day

Dear Life at Ward's readers (especially the Burco boys), welcome to another edition. It's been hectic as hectic can be here are Ward's Catering today. The phones have been ringing continuously and we've been answering them like whirling dervishes... hang on, what's a dervish? Tappy tappy tap tap... Dervish: ( Persian: ????? ), as it is known in European languages, refers to members of Sufi Muslim ascetic religious Tariqah, known for their extreme poverty and austerity, similar to mendicant friars in Christianity or Hindu/Buddhist/Jain sadhus, also called fakirs amongst Muslims. Okaaaaayyyy. Maybe we weren't like whirling dervishes. More like whirling... whirligigs.... Tappy tappy tap tap... Whirligig: A punitive or torture contraption comprising a suspended cage-like device. The victim would be placed in the cage, which was spun violently in order to cause severe nausea. This was used as a military punishment, as by the British Army. For example, in Tangiers, the whirligig was reportedly used on women, by whom it was more feared than the pillory, stocks and wooden horse. Okaaaaayyyyy. The main gist of what I was trying to say was that we have been quite busy. You could say busy as bees... but let's not go through that again. Today I have sold, some water softening equipment. Not one, not two but THREE FSC1380 Upright glass door chillers! the-count3.JPG And not one, but TWO Comet Serve-Overs the-count4.JPG I have also added a new EXTRA VALUE piece of EQUIPMENT, which is actually 2 back bar coolers. So we've had a good day. Lots of customers in the shop, lot's of reps in the office. Lots of deliveries and service calls. Still no baby. More tomorrow