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Credit Crunch: Full of Credity Goodness

Dear Life at Ward's reader/s, in these times of belt tightening it is nice to see that schemework still being quoted for here at Ward's. People are still opening restaurants, pubs and cafes even though one of the first things we all sacrifice at times like these are our evenings out. Now I am not, many people will be astonished to discover this, an economics expert, I am not an expert at anything really, amazing as that may seem. People give me price lists and I change our website prices accordingly. Sometimes the prices go up and sometimes they go down. To a brain as feeble as mine there seems to be no ryhme or reason to these rises and falls but other people here do understand and they tell me to just change the prices and pipe down. We at Ward's are committed to giving our customers the best possible price on any given piece of equipment. However with the thousands and thousands and thousands of products on our webiste I do occasionally overlook one or two... thousand. Therefore, as I have said before, if you can find a product cheaper anywhere give us a ring and let us beat that price for you. In the meantime I have compiled a list of some of the best bargains I have come across whilst changing prices: Parry P6BO 6 Burner Oven Range Valera FSC1380 Curved Glass Door Chiller Victorinox Rosewood Knife Set Hatco Toasters 4 Slot & 6 Slot