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Cuppone Pizza Ovens

Which Cuppone Pizza Oven would help YOU?

Pizza, it's great. I personally like pizza. A lot. It has cheese, it has dough, it has toppings, it has more cheese. It can be eaten from a box without cutlery and therefore requires no washing up. It is the ultimate food. So how do people sometimes get it so wrong? We've all experienced that horrible moment when you get home, settle down in front of the TV, open your pizza box, lift out a slice, take that first big bite and then realise that it's not a GOOD pizza. Why does this happen? Probably because the place you bought it from hasn't got the right pizza oven.

I work for Ward's Catering and I am known as the pizza oven specialist, because I have had to research the subject repeatedly to ENSURE that we offer the best equipment for the best price. I thought I would write a quick post just to explain some of the benefits of some of the ovens we offer.

The most popular ovens we sell are the Cuppone Tiziano range. These are basic electric stone-based Italian-made ovens and cook your pizza in the authentic fashion. The stone base heats up to around 330°C to cook the dough and the oven itself heats to around 300°C to cook the topping. This means that a thin, cripsy, authentic Italian-Style pizza is ready in less than 5 minutes. Sounds just about perfect. So which one of the range should you buy? That depends on how much space you have and how many pizzas you want to cook.

There are THREE oven sizes for the standard Tiziano ovens:

  • TZ520 (Ext: 810w x 660d x 385h mm - Int: 520w x 520d x 145h mm)
  • TZ620 (Ext: 910w x 760d x 385h mm - Int: 620w x 620d x 145h mm)
  • TZ720 (Ext: 1010w x 860d x 385h mm - Int: 720w x 720d x 145h mm)

The following diagrams show how many pizzas each of these ovens will accept:

These ovens can then be stacked up to 3 high (with different height stands depending on how many ovens you're stacking). So, if you want to produce authentic italian-style thin-and-cripsy pizzas or american-style pan-pizzas quickly and consistently, all you have to do is some easy multiplication and you're away.