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Date night, Saturday night, SAT-UR-DAY NIGHT!

Hello all! How nice to see you! I wasn't expecting to see you all this weekend. What a lovely surprise. Well I should be in Northumberland as you read this. Probably enjoying the opportunity of sitting on a sofa without holding a baby for five mintes. Babies are great, especially ours. You world lights up when he smiles, you heart breaks when his bottom lip protudes just before he starts screaming for a feed. However babies... babies right... babies, are rubbish! You can't leave them alone for like 3 seconds! If you leave them alone for more than three seconds this is what happens... ready? WAAAAHHHHHHHHHH WAAAAAAHHHHHHHH WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH That won't stop, will NOT stop until you have done something about it. Feed them, change them, rock them (not in a rock their world sense but a rock-a-by-baby sense). So here's how it goes. Baby goes to sleep on his mat, in his chair, on his beanbag, you turn on computer and prepare a game of Armed Assault and, just as your iron sights rest on the back of the first enemies head, just as it's all about to go noisy, do you know what happens??? WAAAHHHHHHH WAAAAHHHHH WAHHHHHHHH WAAAHHHHHHH Try shooting people and avoiding being shot while that's going on! So you pick the little darling up and rock him and stuff his dummy in his darling little mouth and he calms down. BUT DON'T TRY TO PUT HIM DOWN! Because: WAAAAAAHHHHHHHH WAAAAAHHHHHH WAAAHHHHHHHH It's a pleasure to be able to walk back through to doors of Ward's Catering HQ and listen to the incessant ringing of phones and wittering about catering equipment and refrigeration and sundries and service calls and... I can't wait to get home... WAAAAHHHHHHH WAAAAHHHHHHH WAAAAHHHHHHHH