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Define "Annoyed":

So it's F... F... F... Friday! TGIF! Happy bloody Friday. And yet this is being published on Saturday! I was looking forward to a nice quiet weekend playing computer games. Unfortunately PIPEX have disconnected my broadband internet connection and are incapable of re-initializing it cause they're f***ing idiots. So after exactly a week of shouting down the phone at a series of ever more bewildered Eastern European innocents I am no closer to having broadband because their technical department didn't tell them that none of their bar-lifting requests had been actioned. Congratulations on being totally f***ing ueless. So I may try to help Mr C move his bit of fluff into his batchelor pad (the shortest lived batchelor pad in history) instead. Of course the very idea of not being at my bit of fluff's immediate beck and call for a 12 hour period may result in me looking for a batchelor pad of my own. Apparently my services are no longer required so I'll have to grout the bloody tiles at home. Crap. I hate grouting. I also hate ALL D.I.Y. I used to enjoy it but I have come to the conclusion that it's actually a total waste of time. I can't remember what our house looked like before I decorated it... so there's no contrast, nothing to compare it with, so it looks... normal. What's the point. Might as well have spent all that time and effort thinking of something to write about that INVOLVED BLOODY CATERING EQUIPMENT! OR COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION! OR MEDICAL REFRIGERATION! OR CATERING SUNDRIES! OR CATERING DISPOSABLES! OR CATERING EQUIPMENT REPAIR! Anything.