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Define China (just my little joke there)

Sunday. An important day. Named after The Sun (Sol) the source of all our energy and probably a decent proportion of us. Widely regarded as a holy day, God's day. So why is it that Sunday also seems to be the worst day of the weekend. Is it because it's the last day of the weekend and therefore impossible to enjoy fully due to the impending work / school week? If that's the case why do we enjoy other things that only last a day? Our birthday's aren't ruined because the next day is the longest possible time before our next birthday. Is it because we had to attend Sunday School or Church on a Sunday morning and therefore were not allowed a lie-in? Is it because religion is a scary instutional thing and the Sabbath's close ties with it make us uneasy? Is it because the shops close at 4pm? Who knows. I am sure there are some stupid bloody idiots out there who prefer Sunday to Saturday... but they're stupid bloody idiots and they're wrong. Sundays are not as good as Saturdays but they're much better than Mondays. I'll tell you one thing that I don't have anything to do with on a Sunday, or a Saturday come to that, commerical catering equipment. Or commerical refrigeration or, come to that, catering sundries. So why, on a Sunday, would I add to a blog about catering equipment, commercial refrigeration or, come to that, catering sundries? Who knows but, and there's really no escaping this... I did.