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Define "Cumupance":

You're swimming, (yes I know it's another swimming story), you're swimming your lengths and the pool is full of screaming urchins and their dribbling parents. You avoid them all, despite the fact that you're the one who's swimming lengths and they're just existing in the pool therefore it doesn't matter to them whether they're in your way or not so why not get the hell out of your way? Anyway you're swimming your lengths and on every downhill length (from deep to shallow end) you notice one little girl who is ruining everyone elses fun. She is constantly crying abut being splashed or being dunked or being pushed or being... I don't know, garrotted. Then the bored, fat, girl-ogling lifeguard starts throwing the floats and balls into the pool. All the simpletons grab their weapons and off they go. Then you notice the irritating little brat have a ball bounced playfully off her head. She screams as if the ultra-light ball (the sort that make a poink sound when slapped) were a hatchet that had just been tossed into her temple. Her mother, who has paid far too much heed to this girl's screamy attention seeking, immediately takes her in her arms and carries her to edge of the pool throwing withering glances at husband and son who were responsible for the well-aimed ball. As the girl is crying her stupid little eyes out another ball enters your vision and lands in the centre of the screamy girls face. The reaction is one of stunning silent shock and then all-consuming rage. I almost drowned laughing. As for catering equipment... I have installed a new section in the Refregeration section called Environmentally Friendly Refrigeration. This is mainly for the new Foster EPRO and EPREM units which run at approximately 50% of the operating cost of normal commercial fridges.