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Desk Jockey

Hi all. Mr N here from Ward's HQ Central. It was a busy week. Mr R was off for the first 3 days. Mr H, Mr S, Mr G and myself coped spiffingly. Now I am on with website maintenance, clearing up odds and ends and basically doing housekeeping.

I spent 30 minutes on Thursday giving our Bolero XL 423 Automatic Coffee Machine. Although it should really be called our hot chocolate machine since that is mainly what it's used for. I was prompted to do this by a man ringing and asking about coffee machines and my telling all (and I do mean all) about the Bolero from Bravilor Bonomat. In order to clean this unit I have to remove all the hoppers, all the mixing cones and pipes, impellers and seals and wash them in a sink of soapy water. Then dry them throughly.

Then I wipe the inside of the unit down with a damp cloth and dry with kitchen towel. The reassemble and set the machine on it's rinse cycle. Then lock it up and enjoy a creamy hot chocolate or moccha. Of course it doesn't make coffee to the same standard as, say, a Fracino CLA2E, however this unit does everything itself. It doesn't require a trained barrista to grind beans and steam milk and all that tomfoolery.