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"Doctor, doctor I think I'm a pair of curtains." "Then you should be immediately sectioned and undergo treatement for mental illness."

Hello everyone, happy Easter Thursday to one and to all and especially to the reader/s of Life at Ward's; the up-to-the-minute periodical about all things catering equipment. I am poorly today and have been off sick for the last two days, more for the benefit of missus and childs than for my own sake. I could have crawled in to work but my other half was unable to leave her bed. I therefore had to look after the children, which basically involved sterilising thousands of bottles and playing top trumps (which I rule at). My thanks to Mr C for so skillfully taking the reigns of Life at Ward's yesterday and I am sure that everyone is as glad as I am to hear about our first few medical refrigeration sales. It's always a little nerve-racking when moving into new areas of business. Difficult to be sure that you're getting everything right. However we are off to flying start when it comes to all things medically refrigerated. If any of you doctors, nurses, chemists, pathologists... ... screech wait a minute! I should know better than that. Pathology is NOT solely the study of dead bodies for the purposes of solving elaborate and convoluted crimes. My stepfather recently delivered a lecture to the Royal something of something Pathologists of which he is a member and the subject of this lecture was the public perception of pathology. 99.9% of pathologists work in labs, looking at blood (not red blood cells and white blood cells and platelets and the like, that is the perview of haemotologists, but the fluid, the stuff of blood). The new tag line for pathology is "The science behind the cure", and another one was something like "Pathology's aim is to heal the living not... something or other the dead". So pathologists, generally, would have nothing to do with mortuary refrigeration... although... they would use lab fridges so... at the end of the day... I could still use them to illustrate my point. Damn. So if any of you doctors, nurses, chemists, pathologists, haemotologists, mortuary attendants, NHS purchasing department workers or any other medical professionals see any errors on the website with regard to medical, laboratory, mortuary, pharmacy or bloodbank refrigeration please let us know. Sigh.