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Donkey Sheep

Morning all! Welcome to another beautiful day in the world of professional commercial catering equipment and refrigeration supply. Brrrr it's a bit chilly this morning. -1.5 ?C according to my car and the first time this year that I have had to de-ice the windows. This I think is catagorical proof that it was chilly this morning and if you remain unconvinced may I suggest that you check weather reports online or on television? That may satisfy you! Oh and further proof, if further proof be needed, which apparently IT IS! Mr G arrived at work this morning wearing a sheepskin donkey jacket and looking like a cross between Charlie Croker and Terry Venables. It is quite the garment! He claims to have bought it only three years ago from a popular high street department store and also to have never worn it until now. Unless said department store has some sort of time vortex rack which allows you to reach back to the late 1960's, pluck an item of clothing off and transport it back to the 21st century we think he may be lying. Mr H suggested that we turn the jacket inside out and walk around on all fours wearing it and making bleating noises. This, I agree would have been amusing, but logistically difficult to incorperate the requisite element of surprise required for the gag to really work since the jacket is on the back of Mr G's chair. Plus Mr G's sense of humour is wearing thin this week. Although he did suggest that my new nickname should be "Kid" due to my foul up with the goats milk. Wordplay is Mr G's strong point and we sometimes call him "The Punster". A real joy to work with. So what else is happening in the world of catering equipment supply? Well... not a lot yet (it is only 09:45). Mr S is fiddling about with internet sales, Mr R is ringing people and solving problems, Mr H is helping me with my problems and Mr G is... thinking, we assume. There's a chap come to change the VAT on the till from 17.5% to 15%. Let's hope that it helps the economy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and, like oil barrels going off in sympathetic detonation in "Doom", our European partners and our special friends from across the pond. If not I'll see you in the jobcentre about Christmas. See you next week unless anything thrilling happens before 17:00.