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Dum de dum...

Only Tuesday and already and I am out of things to talk about. The world of Commerical Catering Equipment and Refrigeration is a busy one and an exciting one, however, it is also sometimes a repetitive one. Monotonous, tedious and dreary are all adjectives that COULD be used to describe our day to day working lives.

I prefer to look on the bright side and use words like thrilling, dangerous, fulfilling, laugh-a-minute and sexy, even though these are generally inaccurate. So what shall we talk about if it's not to be Parry price changes and sinks and stuff? Shall we carry on with my reminiscing about Mr C's and my skool daze? German lessons were always ripe for entertainment.

Our 2nd year German teacher was a nervous lady who absolutely could not control her charges. This is a woman who was once locked in a cupboard by her students and not allowed to be released until she cried. Mr C and I used to steal reels of cotton from Home Economics and tie them off at about 16ft, then we would tie the end onto our desk leg.

We would throw the reel out of the window and hold on to the cotton about 8ft from the knot. The plastic reels would arc out of the window and when the slack ran out after 8ft would sharply crack into the physics classroom's window below.

As soon as this happened we would drop the rest of the line and the reels would drop down to the playground underneath the level of the window.

This would mean that the only visible evidence would be a tiny thin strand of black cotton, almost invisible to anyone looking out of the windows below. Once we assumed the teacher and students in the classroom below had stopped looking out of the window we would quickly pull the reel back up the side of the building and repeat the process.

Usually until discovered and a puffing, panting, red-faced physics teacher would barge into our German class looking for the culprits. More German class antics next time.