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End of Days

TFIF! Friday afternoons are great here at Ward's. Whilst we all enjoy selling commerical catering equipment and refrigeration throughout the week more than words can possibly express, we do like our days off. So let's find out what all the main players here are going to be doing during this wintry weekend: Mr R. Will be playing football and Call of Duty 5 and spending time with his partner. Mr H is undecided but may end up driving across to the backside of the pennines and photographing things with his shiny new camera. Mr G will be dying his hair (he is cautiously and ever so slowly dying his hair blonde hoping that nobody here will notice. Despite his dastardly plan being discovered his hair is still changing colour). This hair-dying behaviour is obviously Mr G's way of combating some of the ageist comments made in this publication. Good luck with that. Mr S will be playing Left 4 Dead Mr F will be playing Left 4 Dead Mr N will be playing Left 4 Dead Mr C's plans are undetermined (he hasn't been in today) We hope that everyone reading has a good weekend and tunes in next week for more "Life at Ward's." [credits]