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End of Days

At 17:00 hours today (actually a bit earlier because I have to drop some catering equipment in at Leavening before picking up G'ma B and taking her to Dad's new accomodation in Amotherby, for the first time in about 10 years I will be living within 50 miles of one of my parents... scary), I will officially be ON HOLIDAY.

Therefore I am now scheduling a bunch of blogs to appear as if by magic during my brief absence. It will be incredibly difficult to talk about catering equipment and commercial refrigeration or the antics here at Ward's since I will be basking in the Northern Mediterranean sunshine. So my next few blog entries, rather than dealing with water boilers and back bar coolers will instead inform you of the different holidays myself and Mr C have been on together (we're not gay... just... we're not gay. I have a manchild.)

I am sorry if this disappoints all the catering equipment and commercial refrigeration junkies and enthusiasts out there who read this blog every single day religiously. However there is no choice. A big hello to Helen and Allyson from Admiral who apparently have read this blog more than once! Lunatics.