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Extra Extra Read All About it!

Here at Ward's we like to keep our customers (and competitors to some extent) up to date with our latest news. That's why Life at Ward's, the Ward's Catering blog exists. It's an exciting time for Ward's.

High level meetings are taking place alomst every day to ensure that our business model is the very best, giving both our customers and our shareholders (NB we don't have any shareholders) the very best opportunities to make moolah.

For example the search for the best value 6-Burner Oven Range is the holy grail of this business. If you want know how good a catering equipment supplier is you look at the price of their featured 6-Burner Oven Range. Obviously we sell a variety of such units, however the market leader for Ward's would be the Parry P6BO.

This is also the favoured unit of many of our competitors. We try desperately to avoid price wars (because that ruins it for everyone) however we MUST stay competitive. Therefore check out the new price of our Parry P6BO and also note, dear customer, that we'll trhow in a FREE GAS HOSE! Christmas has most definately come early for any 6-Burner Oven Range buyers in the UK.