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Fly my pretty!

Unless my plane suffers any serious failures or was struck by anything I shall today be ariving in Dalaman Airport and travelling to Sarigerme Holiday Village. We won't get there til gone 22:00 Local Time and I still fully intend to jump directly into one of the 18 swimming pools.

However I probably won'r get chance because we'll have to be shown how to use the light switches, television and air conditioning in our jacuzzi suite. The last thing I will be thinking about will be commercial catering equipment, refrigeration or sundries. Stainless Steel Fabrication? Can kiss my rear end! Bottle coolers? Garbage! This week I am all about the sun, the sea, the sand, the swimming, the Efes and shielding the young prince from heat, ultra violet rays and mosquitos.

That is not to say that I won't examine the serve over counters and salad carts at the all you can eat all inclusive buffets, and won't check the underside of crockery to check the manufacturer. That's what we do here at Ward's. We live and breathe catering equipment even when we don't want to. Tomorrow I shall reminisce about holidays past. Orlando, Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver all these cities have stories of us to tell. I for one can't wait. See you there.