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It's the end of another week, or at least the beginning of the end of another week, of selling catering equipment, refrigeration and associated sundries to the catering industry.

T'was bonfire night yesterday and I, for one, enjoyed burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and rockets. I especially enjoyed watching one of my better half's relatives being hit on the head by a piece of falling rocket (a 4ft long shaft of wood), launched by someone further up castle hill. Thousand to one chance. Amusing.

I also found it quite funny when I stuck a rocket in the ground, lit the taper, retired to a safe distance and watched as the booster charge ignited and the rocket strained against the soil, moving nowhere, before exploding in a shower of blue sparks all over the lawn. Then the same thing happening with another one. It's nice to have a night of amusment in between selling fridges and freezers and pizza ovens. Speaking of which we have a quote in for a Fage Twin deck Gas Pizza Oven (I've not sold one of those yet). I have yet to hear back from the canteen kitchen... fingers still crossed.