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Good Tidings We Bring

Good morrow Life at Ward's readers. I am in a relatively good mood today. I went late night shopping last night and was unbelievably disappointed with the available merchandise. HMV is no longer worth entering due to the clientele being so rude and pushy and unwilling to allow me to browse without elbowing me in the ribs on their way to grab their copy of "The Best of Most Haunted Live" or some other ITV tosh. However the reference section of Waterstones is still a place of tranquility and calm. I picked a book for someone on a whim, thinking I would check with his partner whether it would be suitable and not a duplication. It turns out, dear readers, that it is bob on. So what about catering equipment?!? I hear you shout. Well Mr G got very excited this morning when Mr R mentioned that we would be removing an old fridge and replacing it with a new one at some site or other. Nothing interesting there you may think. However this old fridge is over 40 years old and has wooden doors. Immediately Mr G sparked up: "What fridge, where? Still works you say? Door hinges discontinued? Oh we should get it here and..." Now dear readers I am not making this up... "Oh we should get it here and PLUG IT IN!" That is the level of excitement that Mr G can attain about a piece of refrigerated equipment. He would happily sit and watch a fridge, and I have caught him doing so on many occasions. Whereas some people employ CD's of whale song or the sounds of a rainforest to relax them into sleep, Mr G has recordings of different fridge compressors humming away. Really quite peculiar.