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Griddles vs Giggles

Welcome to Life at Ward's. As you may be aware our primary aim here at Ward's Catering is the sale of equipment to the catering and hospitality industry. Therefore it has been suggested that this publication should more accurately reflect this, if it is to be an even slightly useful to anyone.

So what's been happening? Well it would appear that the refrigeration slump has ended. We have sold more Lec BC9007K Double Hinged Door Bottle Coolers than we can count. We have sold ice cream merchandising displays, serve over counters and Multidecks. I think it may be something to do with the hot weather. No one wants a warm beer to paraphrase the famous beer adverts. The Lec Coolers are of decent quality but we are also selling the cheaper Prodis DBQ220LBH and DBQ220LHS hinged and sliding double door bottle coolers.

These units are extremely competitvely priced and we have not to the best of my limited knowledge received a single complaint about them. Our range of Gamko bottle coolers tick over nicely (they are slightly more expensive but this is reflected in the solidity of their build-quality).

The Lec BC9097ST and BC6097ST High Efficiency Bottle Coolers are also selling slowly, these units are more expensive than the standard Lec Units, however if you run a very busy bar and the fridges are constantly being opened and closed then these units work out significantly cheaper to run than their standard counterparts. How about that for relevant? Not a single holiday anecdote. Long may the hot fridge-selling weather continue.