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Happy Birthday

To my partner's 6 year old. I had an exciting morning for 2 reasons. One; I wasn't the only person creeping around the house in the dark, everyone was up. Two; I got to see the young 'un open a few of her presents. Mixed reactions, mostly good. So, what's been occuring at Ward's Catering in the land of catering equipment on the continent of catering equipment and refrigeration supply? Well I haven't sold anything particularly interesting. A few bits and bobs. A big hot cupboard. Solved a couple of customer queries and problems. I have also written a fire risk assessment for the building. We moved up a place on google yesterday much to my elation. Mr K has cleaned his big van (and also dismantled the dashboard of mine in an attempt to fix my heater to no avail). Mr G has been off sick today again and the boss went round to check he was okay. He was. Mr F has been in for a couple of hours catching up on paperwork and Mr S has just gone out on deliveries. My missus went for another scan due to some slightly alarming results on a previous scan. Turns out the previous scan was wrong (which I said it would be being as how it's Scarborough hospital and they can't tell the difference between a hernia and a head). So good moods all around (apart from Mr G) More tomorrow