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Happy Birthday Mr N

Good day one and all. Mr C in charge of a special sunday edition of Life at Wards. Its Mr N Birthday today and as he enters into his 33rd year on our planet I will take this opportunity to wish him happy birthday. As regular readers will know, Mr N and I have been acquaintances for over 20 years, long before we were involved in oven ranges, commercial refrigeration, catering equipment empires and Mr G. I say acquaintances rather than friends as, come on, you've read some of his ranting posts right? Who'd want to openly admit to being friends and brothers in disaster and mischief with that? Reading Mr N's rambling walk down memory lane over the last few days I cannot help but notice Mr N has rather quickly glossed over some of the more humourous events in his life. He mentions the hand crafted rope slide in passing. In real time this rope slide was built out of an old washing line, approx 35 ft up a tree utilising an old bike handlebar as the slider. Any guesses for which insane daredevil tried out the slide first only to plummet to the ground possibly breaking a bone in his foot in the process? I say possibly as the massive loon didn't bother going to the hospital, he decided 6 weeks of limping and not putting weight on it was the way forward! Another seminal moment in our lives came when I may have accidently broken one of his toes with a hammer. This was in no part my fault I hasten to add, if I remember correctly he'd cheated me in a hard fought game of cribbage and as he was doing his overly indulgent victory jig I decided to chase him around the rambling old station house with a hammer. You know, just for fun, the toe possibly got broken when he comando dived over the sofa and i just managed, sorry, accidently caught his foot withthe business end. I say the toe possibly got broken, as Mr N deemed a hospital visit un-necessary instead choosing to hobble around for 6 weeks not putting weight on it. Do you see a theme. The causing of pain hasn't only been one way however, he has on occasion nipped me, a little bit like a 5 year old girl. He has in the past put me flat on my back playing ice hockey on a dangerously thinly frozen pond in his back garden. He has rather childishly slapped me with a ruler. On more occasions than not however, he has made me laugh until it hurt by being incredibly stupid/childish/dangerously destructive/abusive to Mr G (delete as applicable). Oh go on then i'll admit it he is my friend, there will be others too that will also quietly admit it, but none of us like him. So there! I'm sure Mr N will be back tommorow with a masterclass in how to drivel on about his weekend and what he got for the celebration of the day of his birth. I can hardly wait.......