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Happy birthday to me.

Hello all and welcome to another week at Ward's. I am returned and would like to thank Mr C for his post on Sunday. I ran out of time and was off up to the boondocks and therefore had no net access (they don't even have a TV but that is a more of a lifestyle choice apparently... hippies). Well Mr N has been on another little trip... must be time for a debrief then eh? Okay I drove to a restaurant in Malton after work on Friday to drop of some crocs. Then I met my other half and 2 kids at my G'ma's.

We had a cuppa and then we set off via one of the greatest roads ever to Thirsk. Considering I don't live in Thirsk I seem to spend a lot of time in Tesco's car park there. It seems to be a hub for baby food and the like. Anyway, the last time we were there I stayed in the car and fed the baby and my missus went in to buy more UHT Baby Food cartons (these are a Godsend when you're out and about).

She found a couple of boxes of the cartons and decided to bulk buy to ensure we had enough for a couple of weeks. As she was going through the self-service checkout she decided to try and be all technical and asked the Tesco-girl how to process multiple items with one swipe. The girl looked at her, then at the cartons, then said "you can't 'ave all them." "Why not?" my missus asked. "Cos what if someone else wants 'em? You can 'ave three." My girlfriend obviously wasn't settling for this and after a brief discussion with the girl's manager she bought the baby-food.

Anyway, this time, in order to keep the baby asleep while the missus was buying baby food and bottle brushes I drove circuits round the car park, avoiding errant trolleys and making myself quite dizzy. Then I stopped and filled the powersteering fluid reservoir and off we went. Hang on... Mr N is describing his weekend again. He isn't talking about catering equipment, or refrigeration, or sundries. He hasn't mentioned bottle coolers or serve-overs or grills. This is not what we signed up for! More tomorrow.