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Happy Mondays

Welcome back to another week here on 'Life at Ward's'. We're all thrilled to be back and I am sure that our reader/s are equally ecstatic to hear from us. So what's in store for the week? Well, we'll probably sell some catering equipment and maybe even some refrigeration (not that anyone really needs it this week, what with the cold and the snow and all that... chortle chortle fnar). Mr R is feeling slightly the worse for wear after a weekend of unbridled debauchery. Mr G's hair has not changed colour too much. Mr C has brought soup in for he and I. Mr S and I had a good old chinwag about our progress on Left 4 Dead over the weekend (which I can highly recommend since it's awesome). Mr F isn't in yet. Mr K has gone delivering large catering equipment. Mr C isn't here yet. Ward's is something of a hive of activity this A.M. Deliveries are arriving all the time, the forklift buzzing backwards and forwards, the phones ringing off their hooks and internet orders coming in thick and fast. I may have very little time to document our day and for that I apologise unreservedly. If you are bored and really want something to read why not try a newspaper, magazine, book or the back of a cereal packet. They have words too!