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Happy Mondays

I am sure that I have used that title before, but needs must. It's another week here at Ward's Catering and tempers are a little frayed at the present moment. One of the problems with running a successful website supplying the UK with catering equipment is that sometimes a problem arises that one of us will know about and everyone else is oblivious to. Then there's the problems that everyone knows about.

Then there's occasionally a problem that NO ONE knows about and someone has to take the torch and carry it alone to a resolution. Multidecks being dented in transit, not our fault, couriers fault, but we have to sort it. Mixer tap faulty when plumbed in? We have to sort it.

Mondays are always a bad day for this because of all the kit that was delivered on a Friday (or as in this weekend a Saturday) and has been discovered to be faulty or damaged over the weekend. Then there's the added stress for the customer of having to wait until Monday morning to report it. This leads to them sometimes shouting at us. We forgive them.