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Happy Mondays are here again!

Weekends are all very well and good but... you don't sell any commercial catering equipment sitting at home playing Left 4 Dead and selling your childhood off to the highest bidder. So here we are again at Ward' s Catering another week, another month. What did everyone get up to at the weekend... well I can't really speak for anyone else but I played Left 4 Dead, tidied my computer room in preperation for turning it into the baby's bedroom and sold the Hornby 00 Gauge Model Railway stuff my Dad and I used to play with on ebay. Apparently Mr S played World of Warcraft. Mr G got a haircut and his fabulous mane is now back to it's original arctic silver. So what's new at Ward's Catering? I have finished updating prices for kitchen knives and found the bargain of the century. Victorinox Rosewood Handled Knife 7-Piece Sets with 10" Cooks Knife down from �120.00 to �98.99! I am now right into the thermometers section and loving every minute. Mr R and Mr H are discussing the new 15% VAT rate and rapidly solving all the problems it's throwing up with our systems. Thanks for reading and if anything interesting, amusing or unexpected happens with regard to catering and refrigeration equipment supply during this cold snowy December Monday I'll be sure to report it on here immediately.