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Have a Potato! "The Old Dark House"

Ah'a'noon all. Welcome to Life at Ward's, the on-the-spot, up-to-the-minute, in-depth, hyphen-ated account of all things catering equipment and refrigerationy. It's all been going off here at Wards Catering today (which is a Monday, widely regarded as the first day of the week). Mr R finally revealed himself as a blundering cretin when Mr F asked if "potato" had an "e" on the end. I instantly replied that it did not and Mr R huffily explained that the Americans spelled it with an e. I therefore googled it and was gratified to discover: "The singular spelling variants "potato" vs. "potatoe" co-existed into the 19th century. In the 20th century "potato" came to be considered the correct singular, and "potatoe" considered a misspelling. The plural remains "potatoes". I rest my case M'Lord. Perhaps you'd all like to insert that into your briars and smoke the hell out of it. I can spell POTATO! What else? What the heck else has been going off? I have had to recategorise upright refrigerators and upright freezers to include the subcategories double door upright refrigerators, single door upright refrigerators, double door freezers and single door freezers. FUN!