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Health and Hygiene

As all good kitchen staff are well aware the most important part of their job is health and hygiene. Everything in a kitchen should be surgically sterile at all times. Colour coded chopping boards and kitchen knives for meat, fish, vegetables etc.

The correct cleaning products should be used on the correct surfaces. I have spent the last 2 days off work. On Tuesday night I went to bed feeling fine. I shall not bore you with the tale of abject misery that followed, suffice to say 18 hours later I was fishing my false teeth (top two front) out of a bucket of mine and my girlfriends sick. We had only eaten oven baked potatoes with cheese and beans and my partner was complaining of feeling ill beforehand. It was most likely a viral infection rather than some intoxication.

BUT YOU CAN NOT BE TOO CAREFUL! We here at Ward's have seen some awful kitchens, we have been in to install, remove or repair equipment in some horrible places. However we also know the clean places to eat (a certain garden centre cafe in my "home" town springs to mind). If you catch a peak into a restaurants kitchen and it's not up to scratch tell them to come to Ward's for all their health and hygiene requirements.