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Heavy man!

Lincat (Lincoln Catering) are one of our favourite suppliers. They have nice, incredibly helpful staff, always plenty of stock and their equipment is reliable and attractive. We have always sold a lot of Lincat Silverlink 600 Medium Duty equipment. As previously mentioned in this publication I have recently reviewed the prices of the Lincat Opus Heavy Duty equipment. We were NOT competitive, we ARE now.

The prices of Lincat Opus on have fallen dramatically and made upgrading from medium duty to heavy duty a much more realistic option. We at Ward's do not believe in selling rubbish equipment, if it's cheap there's generally a reason. However we also do NOT belive in over-specifiying our customers.

If you don't need heavy duty equipment for your business we won't sell you it. If we think that the long term savings made by buying heavy duty instead of light or medium duty offset the initial expenditure we will urge you to do so.

Lincat Opus is some of our favourite Heavy Duty equipment along with Parry Ultima and Blue Seal Evolution. So have a look at the Opus range and add some weight to your kitchen.