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Here I am! Da Dahhhhh! Something like a Hurricane... or something.

Mr N here. Just thought I'd blog the progress of baby, mother, sister and, most importantly, father. Manchild is doing very well and mother is taking all in her stride. I am physically and mentally drained due to not having even 50% my requisite 8 hours a night. The baby has developed the routine of a croupier (probably a genetic thing from his mother and father). He sleeps like a log all day, interspersing snoozes with loud trumpeting breakages of wind and defecations. Then when the sun goes down and all is quiet (or as quiet as it ever gets round here, we had the fire brigade out last night because some wag set a recycling bin alight) he wakes. This means that I get to sit up with him and watch horror films. So far I have watched Dawn of the Dead (the 2004 remake not the original 1978 classic unfortunately) and The Old Dark House (a very amusing 1938 clunker with possibly the most annoyingly catching line ever "Have a potato!"). I am currently "aquiring" about 30 other old Universal Monster Movies. Baby boy is jaundiced (as are approximately 50% of menchildren apparently). His billirubin levels are within acceptable parameters. He prefers right booby to left booby and dislikes anything that requires his sniper suit to be unbuttoned (baths and nappy changes). Glad to hear Mr G is still breaking records even at his age. Hope everyone isn't missing me too much. Toodleoo.