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"Here I go again on my own..."

"...going down the only road I've ever known". All alone in the office at the moment. Not actually going down any roads but I will be at home time. So dear reader/s, what has been occuring in the wonderful world of catering equipment and refrigeration supply, installation and repair? Well today I have sold an SCU1375 Fridge a GS9 Griddle and a C10STHF Manual Fill Water Boiler. I have also followed up on my sale of an LLKBase720/3 Pizza Oven and ensured that arrived in Northern Ireland in time for 4 chaps to heave inside. What else? Well yesterday morning some of the chaps met up in York town centre at the crack of dawn to install two giant counters. One refrigerated and one heated (for pasties of the cornish variety). It was a big job and I was not invited (thankfully). See image below: Purty eh? Purty purty. That's Mr G leaning nonchanantly against the unit. Witness his mane of silver majesty. Truly an inspiration. Mr G then toddled off to Scarborough with Mr K and hauled a van full of equipment up two flights of stairs. Then they knocked off early. Mr G is at home poorly today and our thoughts are with him. Especially since he's missing out on cake. The phones have been ringing off their blessed hooks today. Credit crunch? I THINK NOT!!!!