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He's at it again!!!

He's posting without even being there! The cheek! The bare faced ruddy cheek of it! The man should be made an example of! It's Sunday, a day of rest. God's day. So I am writing this on Friday lest I upset the big guy upstairs. He's a card isn't he? I should really eat fish tonight I think... isn't that a religious thing? I am very ignorant about such things. Our eldest actually asked a very tough question on Thursday night. She turned to her Mum and said "Mum, do you believe in God?" Her Mum glanced at me (saw me redden) and answered in the affirmative. With a sense of forboding filling the air the child turned her sweet face towards me and before she had finished the question received my answer... turns out it wasn't a tough question at all. Of course... I should maybe not be so quick to judge. How can I deny the existence of a benevolent superbeing when I am lucky enough to work in the thrilling world of Catering Equipment and Refrigeration supply? Well I can't... it's that simple. We love our jobs here at Ward's, we love catering equipment and Mr G especially loves Refrigeration. Happy Sabbath all. More next week.