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Ho Ho Hatco

Morning all and welcome to Life at Ward's on this final Friday of 2008's working year. Fridays don't get much better than that. I would call it "Good Friday" but someone's already used that name. So, what's been going on? Well I have bought a new car (not a work van) and am looking forward to trying to get insurance for it. I am waaayyyyy behind on buying Christmas presents. (only 6 sleeps left!). Every single member of Ward's staff has a stinking cold and the office sounds the lavatories at the Oscars with the all the sniffing going on. My posterior is still sore and twitchy. "But what about CATERING EQUIPMENT?!?" I hear you scream. Well check this out! These are our latest line in Hatco Commerical Toasters. They are very very shiny. Serious heavy duty American-made bread heating machines. They would not look out of place in a 50's diner, next to the soda fountain and wurlitzer jukebox. Imagine James Dean checking his quiff in the reflective chrome construction whilst fastening his leather jacket... or... The fonz checking out a couple of cheerleaders and clicking his fingers so that the prettier of the two follows him to his bike etc etc. In short they are heavy-duty, sexy-looking toasters and a steal at twice the price!