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Ho Ho Hobart!

Hello and welcome to another Life at Ward's entry. I am back in the fat controller's seat after my computer was hijacked yesterday. Today I will be working on a new shiny bit of the Wardscatering website. This will feature Hobart warewashing equipment which we are going to make available to our customers at a very competitve price. I shall report more when I have the first clue how I am going to make it look a bit different and a bit cool. As regular readers of Life at Ward's will know we have recently moved to new premises on Clifton Moor in York. These premises are extremely nice and spacious and well lit and all that malarkey. However we have just installed a new hot water boiler in the kitchen much to Mr G's chagrin. Here's a typical encounter. Mr G shambles from his office and through ours clutching his coffee cup. This occurs at roughly 8 minute intervals throughout the day. He will exit our office via the far door and enter the little kitchenette area. He will walk to the sink and look with dread at the water boiler. This is mounted at head height above the sink and has a large tube, not dissimilar to those found on cement mixer lorries, protruding from the bottom from which the boiling hot water will eventually pour. Mr G will then turn the tap and wait patiently for the water to make it's inexorable way down the pipe. Then after a couple of minutes he will turn the tap again to speed up the flow, then again, and again. Eventually a bolt of water, like that shot from a bomb disposal robot, will hit the bottom of his waiting cup and rebound all over the kitchen. As Mr G reels back from this assault shielding his eyes he will start to rant. Giving his cup-washing up as a bad loss he will continue to make his coffee turing often to the boiler and telling it to stop dripping which it will continue to do for about an hour despite his instructions. During the ten minutes it has taken me to write this 2 other members of staff have been injured by the boiler. Mr H has a nasty scald on his hand. Can a court case be far behind? More tomorrow.