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Ho hum

Yes I know! I forgot again! I was playing Left 4 Dead with Mr F last night and forgot all about blogging! However I did manage to get a couple of good kills as a smoker so that's okay then isn't it? Yes it is. Life at Ward's is pretty much back to normal after the hectic Christmas period. Price Change Bonanza is almost over for a month and many many products have had their price altered according to the new 2009 price lists. I look forward to the next batch with baited breath. Mr H is on the electric telephone dodging and dealing and ducking and diving. Mr R is out at a restaurant selling them lots and lots of crockery and glassware the like. Mr G has gone on a little holiday this afternoon and I am writing this. Hazah! Mr F is doing his bills on the laptop. Mr S is looking at teatowels. It's a lovely calm atmosphere and we're all getting with our work very responsibly. Mr F is occasionally popping different parts of his anatomy through different holes in his clothing and displaying them to the office. He erected his new fishing tent in the heavy equipment showroom yesterday. It's quite a size. Ah well back to the grind. More tomorrow.