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Hot and Cold

An investigation of opposites

How many other industries or professions would see people selling equipment that heated things as well as equipment that cooled things? I suppose there are many industrial or scientific processes that require products to be heated and then refrigerated but I don't know what they are. Making tyres? Making glass? Making... I dunno, tupperware? (I was looking at my lunch box).

Anyway, yesterday whilst I was quoting someone for some Hatco decorative heat lamps (not as simple a thing as you may think), the boss was out in the showroom selling display fridges and freezers. I was looking at heat dispersal graphs and he was informing the customers about triple-glazed doors and refrigerant types. We're really, in the temperature mileu, jacks of all trades.

Ward's Catering can supply commercial refrigeration equipment to suit nearly all your needs. From topping wells to keep your lettuce cool, to ultra low temperature laboratory refrigerators to store your liquid nitrogen we can advise and supply.

Ward's Catering, on the flip side, can also provide you with all manner of professional equipment to heat stuff up or keep hot stuff hot. From large cavity commercial microwaves to carvery display units we have it all.

This dichotomy has not yet led to any incidents of schizophrenia in the Ward's Catering office... but it can only be a matter of time. One thing is for certain, whether you want something hot or something cold Ward's Catering will always have the HOTTEST deals around... because we're pretty COOL!