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I am man, hear me roar

Welcome all to Life at Ward's. It's been a relatively busy week. I have quoted for a lot more than I have sold. Lincat Chilled and Ambient Displays and huge expensive conveyor impinger Pizza Ovens have slipped through my grasp this week.

This is annoying because a lot of work goes into quoting for this sort of kit. No one minds if we get a sale at the end of it but if I sit here all week tapping away, making phone calls, asking for discounts, dodging and dealing and then at the end of the week my figures don't reflect this... well... can redundancy be far behind? The credit crunch is still hitting us, it's hitting everyone, and we seem to be luckier than some.

We are maintaining strict margins on our kit and not pandering to the panic seller's idiom of "sell any rubbish at any price". Ward's Catering policy remains; if we can bring you a quality piece of catering equipment for a decent price we will do, but we don't sell rubbish and we don't work for nothing.