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I'm so TIRED my head is spinning.

Like a whirlpool it never ends! Hello everyone and welcome back to another installment of Life at Wards. It's Tuesday 17th February and my second day back at work as a father. I had approximately 4 hours sleep last night and I am flagging a bit now. I did finish watching Flight of the Living Dead which was a mistake since it sucks to a remarkable degree. Anyway what's been going on in catering equipment town, refrigeration land? Well today my fine friends it's BURCO BONANZA! WE'RE GOING BANANAS FOR BURCO! BURCO BURCO BURCO ONTARIOS FAVOURITE BURCO! We've got boilers, we've got coffee machines, we've got back bar equipment we are quite literally THE BURCO BOYS! The last THREE consecutive orders, NOT one, NOT two BUT THREE orders, have been for BURCO! This is due to a price change and our extending our Burco stock online. I have also changed some other prices such as Cinders Barbeques. We have loaded up Mr S's van in preperation for his jaunt to Durham tomorrow. His little Merc is weighed down with an Electric Oven Range and a load of Steelite crockery. Mr F has received 4 bite alarms from ebay and is rightly thrilled about it. Mr R has told us all about his trip to Londontown to watch Gareth Gates in "Joseph" (apparently very good). Right I am going to make another coffee and see if I can find Mr G. I haven't upset him for a few minutes.