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Is he still going on about that?

Yes dear reader/s it's time for another installment of Life on Neil's Mini Break... sorry Life at Ward's. We ambled along the river stopping to watch street performers and finally stopped for coffee in a very nice little coffee shop at the base of the Oxo Building. This shop had a rather splended curved serve-over counter which I was very tempted to photgraph to a) show in this blog and b) show to Mr G for the purposes of exciting him. We had coffee and the little 'un had a croissant and then she and I inadvertently ended up on the 8th floor of the Oxo Building when looking for the toilet. We continued our walk until we reached the Tate Modern. After about 3 seconds discussion we were on our way in. What a fantastically imposing building it is. It's tall slit windows and massive central chimney bring to mind Orwell's Ministry of Truth. The first thing we did was call the lift to the 1st floor gallery, however the large bank of lifts did not seem particularly swift and when the doors did open the lift behind was always full of people with challenging looks staring at us with our pram. So we carried it up the stairs. The exhibition mostly left me cold. There were a couple of pieces I liked. A couple that I just couldn't work out but liked the look of and several that I thought were ridiculous. Surrealism is something that you really have to work to enjoy I think. I am too lazy. Anyway we had a splendid hour walking around the gallery and then we decsended to the Turbine Room and the installation TH.2058 by Dominique Gonzales-Foerster. At first glance and before I had engaged my brain I immediately hated this work and then I wandered about it. A huge spider with an egg sack straddles the enourmous space which is filled with rows of bunk beds with books scattered among them. The work depicts a future Tate Modern in a semi apocolyptic London which suffers from permanent rain. Straight away I wanted to know more. In this fictional world the Tate is used as a shelter for people and works of art. A massive screen at one end of the room shows clips from sci fi movies such as Farenheit 451. It is a very haunting thing. It has stayed with me for days. We left the Tate Modern and continued on our way. We jumped on the tube and headed home but rather than get off at Canada Water we went straight on to Canary Wharf and ate at a Nandos. Then we got back on the tube and went home. The next day we got up and packed up and mounted up and set the GPS for home (avoiding toll roads). Unfortunately the GPS took us straight into the Cengestion Charge Zone because it's STUPID! and so I am expecting a bill. That's it. Game Over. Next week... CHIPPNEHAM! Oh and maybe some cutlery or combination ovens or coffee machines or something.