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It's incredible!

Yes... but to the British very very simple. I know what your thinking punks, you're thinking did he write this yesterday or today. Well being as this is the Ward's Catering blog, the most powerful blog in the world and could blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself a question, "Do I feel lucky?" Well Do you? PUNKS? KERBLAMMO! Well I wrote it yesterday, and that's that. I want to hear no more about it. No more arguments. No more conspiracy theorys. Nothing. Done. I wrote it yesterday. Or did I? Yes. I did. Not. Not write it today. Bored? Me too. Well hopefully I've had some sleep. Hopefully I'm doing something fun. The boss, the big man, the chief, our lord and master is off on his jollys to the far east on Monday so we all wish him a safe and enjoyable journey. I am very very envious, it sounds like the trip of a lifetime... unfortunately he has a trip of a lifetime every year so he probably won't be as impressed as I am. Another of our associates is on the far side of this bauble we call earth, in Australia no less. He is doing very well by all accounts and we wish him similar successes. Pssssst.... catering equipment. Well since I am at home and not at Ward's I am probably not doing much about catering equipment. Or refrigeration. Or sundries. So, well... there it is. TTFN