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It's that time again...

Monday monday. Start of the week, a new broom, a fresh start, a new beginning. The same old stuff to do. Pizza Oven enquiries (a big thank you to our Pizza Oven supplier for sending me a nice bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape for my Christmas bonus), service enquiries.

Spares for Lincat J12 enquiries. Office politics, joshing, ribbing, shenanigans... banter. Mr F is currently in the office annoying everyone as is his way. He's working up invoices for all his service calls and then he'll probably go and hide in the workshop for an hour and potter about with his water boilers and stick blenders.

He's gone now... no, he's back again. Irritating. I have tidied up a few loose ends and am now about to start a major, I and I do mean major, Robot Coupe campaign. Price changes, new products, it's all incredibly exciting. We are Ward's and this is what we do.