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Jab Jab Cry

She came at me like a murderess! Came at me with a bleeding great needle! She confused me, she said I'd had tetanus, typhoid and Hep A jabs at sometime in 2002 (which I have absolutely no recollection of, I refuse needles in the same fashion as Mr T refuses air travel, 3 injections would have required a drugged glass of milk).

So as I was wracking my brains trying to remember if that time I went to mum's surgery and sat in her treatment room was the occasion in question (the likelyhood of me allowing my mother anywhere near me with a syringe is extremely remote, although she was quite good with them apparently) the doctor or nurse or whatever came at me like a terminator. My resulting comment was incredibly embarrassing.

Here we go: As crazy nurse woman loomed at me with a needle the size of a tractor's exhaust pipe I turned my head away and grimaced like a cowboy cauterising a bullet wound with a cigar butt and said... ready? "Haven't you got anything to bite on?" NOW IN MY DEFENCE... QUIET AT THE BACK.... IN MY DEFENCE... STOP TITTERING LIKE SCHOOLGIRLS... I CAN WAIT ALL DAY... In my defence I was confused and scared and trying to persuade the woman to stick the 6 year old girl next to me first! It actually felt like she had just laid her finger on my upper arm.

The insulating and shielding layers of flab seem to have finally paid off! As for catering equipment oriented things, we have had a busy week so far, I managed to sell 3 convection ovens in about 8 minutes yesterday which may be a record. We have sold commercial refrigeration aplenty, especially bottle coolers and upright single door lec fridges (with the wrong sized shelves).