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Jab jab punch!

Jabs today... I have been to Turkey twice before (sailing) and never had a jab. Ah well... at least I am not scared of needles... oh wait! RUN AWAAAAYYYY! A big hiya to Allyson from Admiral (I am not making that spelling up that is her name), she is apparently a reader of Life at Ward's and asked me to "do a shout out" or something equally "cool" or "hip" that these young "cats" say with their haircuts and their short frocks and their rock and roll singles.

I myself shun all things modern other than computers, scientific advancement, some films, books, computer games, yachts... actually modern things are cool if you don't include reality TV, boybands, girlgroups, alcopops, romcoms, televised popularity contests / freakshows, pollution and everything else... I am confused! Maybe everthing is cool, maybe nothing... maybe some things are cool to some people and incredibly uncool to others... interesting [puffs on pipe]. F.Y.I. I haven't managed to solve any mysteries with my pipe yet? I am working on it though. Suddenly it's got busy... selling convection ovens and tea towels and trying to talk to garden centres. Customers milling about... I am hot... roll on jabs. TTFN