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Kitchens Schmitchens

Morning all, welcome back to Life at Ward's, the online text-based record of sales and service activity here at Ward's Catering in York. As I have mentioned many times in the past in this blog, we here at Ward's do not only supply catering and refrigeration equipment to the food service industry.

In the past I have quoted stainless steel tables for factories. We currently have dozens of Flat Pack Stainless Steel Sinks being built up in our warehouse which are slated to go to a science laboratory at a local college (thankfully we don't have to plumb them all in).

This morning I have had a lady from a forensics laboratory asking about the shelf depth of double door upright freezers. These, coupled with the frequent requests for pharmaceutical refrigeration, mortuary chillers and other medical and industrial enquiries keep us on our toes.

It brings me to an interesting point. A lot of refrigeration that we sell is manufactured cheaply in China or other industrial capitals. This is fine for your run of the mill catering establishment... but... (continued on page 2)