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Kitchens Schmitchens 2

(continued from page 1) ...if you are handling sensitive materials, medical samples, petri dishes and so on, then you be better off spending a little bit more money and going for a heavier duty unit. Foster and LEC specialise in medical and pharmaceutical refrigeration and Foster are a very progressive company who are leading the market in ecologically friendly units.

When I picture a scientific establishment I imagine lots of a flourescent strip lighting and surgically clean stainless steel, brilliant white tiled walls and skinny laptops running complicated simulations. This is probably not an accurate representation of most UK labs, which are probably located in archaic hospitals and drug company's warehouses.

However a Foster EPREM1350L double door upright freezer would not look out of place, either in reality, or in the fictional laboratories of my minds eye. They would also maintain the correct temperature however often the doors were opened for access to the contents and would be cheaper to run than, say, a Parry DDFF/2. Therefore the intial increased outlay for the unit would be more than made up for over the unit's life by the lower running costs.